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MatchMyPocket is a cashback website. We establish relationships with the brands and users. When our users goes to any of our partnered website and shops, we are paid commission, we share the same with our users in the form of cashback. It is a win win situation for the brands as well as the users.

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Is there a cost?

We get a commission from our retail partners for referring sales to them and we pay this money straight into your bank or PayPal account via your MatchMyPocket account as cashback and while we retain the first Rs. 500 cashback you earn during each membership year (please note that we never take money from your bank account) this money is spent on helping us maintain and improve the site, provide customer services, ensure that we can remain free from third party advertising and, crucially, work with retailers to enable us to provide you with the best deals. Alternatively, you can opt for Gift Vouchers/Promotion Codes/Coupon Codes if you are uncomfortable providing your bank details.

Can anyone join MatchMyPocket?

Any resident of India over the age of 18 are eligible to join MatchMyPocket.

I am not receiving emails?

Simply add newsletter[at]matchmypocket.com, subscription[at]matchmypocket.com and support[at]matchmypocket.com in your  address book and you will be receiving emails.

If you have received email in your spam folder then move emails to your inbox and add the emails to your address book.